Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Move

This comic blog is being RELOCATED!

For now on I'll be posting to, so head there for all new comics, news related to my projects, and special announcements.

Thank you for continuing to read my work, and for following me over to the Tumblr side of the internets. I promise that there will be a lot of fun stuff coming up!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Saves the Day - Guest Strip - "Revamp 1" by Jake Ignatowicz

Folks, I have a treat for you. Jake Ignatowicz, a friend to the comic, sent me this strip recently. Read it, enjoy it, and please comment so that Jake can receive feedback for his awesome work!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Phase 2 - PROLOGUE

At long last there is some new comic activity on this blog. I hope this new piece and all of its mystery interests you, dear reader.

If you have any feedback, questions, or comments please leave them below.

Thank you for reading.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Return to the Drawing Table

I spent most of the last year working at a dream. My wife and I agreed that I would spend that time developing myself as a writer. I wrote, I drew, and I spent a great deal (actually most) of that time wallowing in self-doubt. As many of you know I did manage to produce a comic strip or two for a brief period. Unfortunately, that was pretty much all I had to show for the year and then it quickly ended.

As of the creation of this blog and the last Saves the Day and Tenebrous Tales strips I found myself desperately trying to dig back into the workforce. The last year, because of my self-doubt and stunted production, resulted in nothing more than strained finances and a serious need for more income. That need overshadowed everything I was doing early this Fall, and it eventually led to my seeking out and committing to a job, forsaking my comic commitments. Then the transition back into the 9-5, along with my apparent failure of a year all but killed my desire to continue creating anything. So, that's why this site has been almost completely inactive since it was first created.

Now, here I am at this moment on December 7 committing to a renewed confidence and, most importantly, hope. Going forward I will be working on my comics, producing new material as often as I can. I ask that you please hang in there and understand that I'm trying to get back on my creative feet. I thank you for bearing with me, and I hope that you'll enjoy what's coming up.

I plan to return to posting something new every Wednesday, but I'll be completely honest, there will probably be delays. I know that such an idea doesn't instill a great deal of confidence, but please know that I am back and am working hard to make this comic project work. I enjoy creating material to share with you reader folk. I enjoy reading your comments and questions. I enjoy the various aspects of the relationship between creator and consumer. It's a joy to know that the things I've done and am trying to do are making some sort of impression somewhere. For giving me confirmation of that and for the kindness some of you have shown me and my efforts, I have to say thank you so very much.

Well, I better get to it then. Look for something here this Wednesday, December 11. I hope that you will enjoy it. Take care until then.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Jill Davis LeBlanc's Hollow Round of Skull

While the internet might sometimes seem like the digital equivalent of the Somme, circa 1916, with a wide variety of tits thrown in for good measure, some good and decent things can come of it. One good thing in particular has been the opportunity to develop friendships with great and supportive people. Two of the friends I've met online are Christian LeBlance and Jill Davis LeBlanc.

I met Christian through Mike Allred's (creator of the comic Madman) old message board, and after some time I met Jill through Christian. The LeBlancs have been exceptionally kind and supportive over the years, especially in regard to my feeble attempts to self-publish my comic work. Heck, I'll admit that if it wasn't for them (and, to be fair, a couple of other people) I would have completely given up a long time ago.

The reason I'm making this post about my internet friends the LeBlancs is to tell everyone about Jill's upcoming publication, a zine titled Hollow Round of Skull. The soon-to-be-released issue will be another in a series of zines containing a collection of short fiction, poetry, and illustrations from Jill and her artist and writer connections. I don't know Jill's plans for distribution, if any, but I thought I would put the word out that she's been doing amazing things and that she deserves all the support you, dear readers, can give her. You can find out more about Hollow Round of Skull and Jill's work on the zine here:

Also, Jill was kind enough to publish some of my short fiction and artwork in previous issues of the zine. I've included the newest submission I've made to her awesome publication. Enjoy.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Calling Artists!

Hey, artists, would you like to draw some comics? If so, I have developed scripts which need talented individuals who are focused and able to meet deadlines. I'm looking for artists who are familiar with the common styles associated with science-fiction and fantasy.

If you're interested in contributing your artwork to Comic Träume, and in doing so building portfolio material, then please contact me using the Contact Form at the bottom of this page. You will have rights to your artwork, and with your permission, if anything is reprinted at a later time you will also receive compensation for your work. 

I look forward to discussing future opportunities and all the relevant details with you.

So it begins...